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My friend E. has an insanely hot daughter.

I should point out that E. is already 51 and his daughter is nearly 30, lest anyone left who might find these words think i am being some kind of creeper.

First time i met her almost 2 years ago, i was totally smitten by her, but now i must admit that any attraction i have is now purely physical.

being a recovered junkie (fuck that "recovering" shit, if i have made it now 18 years without anything worse than the occasional traces of a jones, i have recovered) and one who did it cold turkey and with no other support than that of the two other people with whom i made the pact to get clean, i have never been a big fan of the whole 12-step program thing and especially not a fan of how so many 12-steppers rely on religion as their new means of coping with the world.

So JJ wanted to facebook friend me after telling E. that he should get on facebook so he can keep up with her but then she asked me if there was a lot of profanity on my facebook page...at first i thought she meant crude language, but then i understood she meant profanity in the more ecclesiastical/ecumenical sense and, well, truth is this: i am a giant fucking heathen, so yes, there is an abundance of profanity. part of my whole being as a formerly devout person is that i take a certain amount of pleasure in barbecuing sacred cows

So, back to the gist of my rant. I do find her insanely hot, She seems to find me at least mildly intriguing and i did make a good impression on her during that first meeting, but the only interest i have in her is almost purely physical because after what i have seen of this life, the last thing i want to hear from anybody, regardless of how much they disrupt the blood-flow to my brain, is about how great God is and all of that.

plus, i do still like to find the occasional amusing way to kill brain-cells and am unwilling to ever completely give that up, and apparently E was rather chagrined when (before i knew all of this) i made a remark in front of her suggesting we'd been up to no good... so Hot Redhead + 12-Step Dogma + my need to be at least a bit of a jackass= nothing much going on at all

1:15 p.m. - 2010-12-22


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